Creating birthday Photo Album with Flash Gallery Maker

create travel photo album

What to do with those great travel photos you've taken that are just sitting on your computer? Share them over Internet! They'll look great in one of our many free travel photo slide shows or travel photo albums. It's easy to do, creative, funny! Just choose from our huge selection of traveling photos and add your loved music to burn your own travel flash slideshow.

You can add descriptive title, music and up to hundreds of photos to your travel photo slide shows. With Flash Gallery Maker, you are also able to do some basic edition such as rotation, add text/art clip/hyperlink to enhance your photo effects. After completing flash slideshow, you can share them in many ways: burn into gift CD/DVD, upload to personal website or embed into your blog and Myspace, Facebook. Try it! Don't let those photos just sit there. Get them out there for all the world to see!

Travel photo slideshow demo:

Step 1: Make your own travel photo album

1: Add your travel photos/pictures

2: Select an appropriate transition effect for your flash slideshow

3: Choose flash templates

4: Publish travel photo flash slideshow

Step 2: Publish & share travel photo album

Through the above-mentioned process, you are capable to make your own beautiful travel slideshow. It is so easy, all you have to do is to click, no need to know any flash skill or knowledge. The next procedure that you need to know is about how to share your travel photo slideshow. And it is also very easy for you, because Flash Gallery Maker has provided you a intuitive wizard. You just follow the wizard step by step, then you can finish the publishing of travel flash slideshow. After completing the publishing wizard, you will be lead to Go2Album website (a free photo album hosting service), in the right part of this page, you will offered with Html code looking like:

Copy the above html code and log on your blog, such as Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger or SNS websites like Yahoo 360, Myspace, FaceBook, then you can paste the html code into Html editor provided by those above-mentioned websites and publish your blog. In a second, your travel photo flash slideshow will be vividly displayed.

That's so easy, Do you want to have a try. Please download Flash Gallery Maker, then make your valuable travel photo slideshow to record travel journey.