Make your own flash slideshow

Do you love to take pictures?

Have you got hundreds of digital photos?

Do you love to share photos to your family or friends?

Are you finding a way to organize your photo storage better than just save it in the computer?

If your answer is yes, you will be definitely interested in Flash Gallery Maker, which creates gorgeous picture slideshow for photo sharing. With Flash Gallery Maker, you are able to make a slideshow as a gift CD/DVD for your family and friends, or upload your own picture slideshow online for better experience of photo keeping and sharing.

Let’s follow the below instruction, create and enjoy your own picture slideshow!

What should you prepare for a cool slideshow?

The first thing you need is slideshow software. Good slideshow software is easy to use and enjoys rich flash templates. Flash Gallery Maker is easy to use and makes stunning picture slideshow.

Second, slideshow pictures. Take photos to record every impressed moment of Daily life or special holiday and make them organized – by event or friends group – whatever you can to reach your audience.

Third, make a slideshow with music. Once you pick the pictures, you should think about the slideshow music complemented your picture slideshow. The best music you choose should express your feeling toward the pictures or can fully tell what is in your photos.

If you need to burn your slideshow to DVD, or picture slideshow to TV, you can also need a blank DVD or CD.

How to make a photo slideshow?

First, Click here and download Ultraslideshow Flash Gallery Maker

Ultraslideshow photo album creator cinterface

Second, Edit

Click “Add” button and add the picture you want. Drag and drop them to rearrange the slide order in the lower window. Upon the “edit” button, you can:

1. Edit the picture info, including title, hyperlinks, picture description, and transition effect and rotate the pictures.

2. Add texts to the picture. You could select different letterform, the size of the letter and the other common setting.

3. Add some carton pictures to make your photo more interesting.

Ultraslideshow Flash Creator edit interface

Third, Apply transition

Click “Transition Effect” and begin to set transition effect between photos (This step is not necessary if you want random transition effect). You can drag and draw your desired transition effect to replace transition effect between two pictures. From the preview window, you can see how it works. You can also set the transition duration, photo show duration.

Ultraslideshow  flash gallery maker transiton effect

Fourth, Choose a theme and add background music

Please go to the “Theme” interface. There will be 3D flash templates and advanced templates. You can select your favorite template and add background music.

Ultraslideshow flash gallery creator themplates

Fifth, Publish

The final step is “publish”. There are three output options under the publish window. If you want to enjoy flash in your computer or upload to your own website, you can select “Create Flash File Only”. If you want to make a Gift/Presentation CD/DVD, select the second option and set CD/DVD recorder, recording speed and label etc, then click “Start Burn” to create a Gift CD/DVD. The third option is for you to upload your photo slideshow to Go2Album and share your joy with your friends and even more people.

Ultraslideshow flash gallery builder publich interface

Now, it's finished. Let's see the flash effect!

Go2Album - Free online web album

Go2Album.Com is set up to provide a completely new experience to share your great moments with your family and friends. It is a place for people to share, comment on, and view slideshows created by Ultraslideshow Flash Gallery Maker.