How to create project file and preserve some specific settings for photo slideshow project.

What is project file?

Project file of Flash Gallery Maker refers to a text file with file extension .fss, which does not store the photos nor music you used for the slideshow, but the name and location of these photos and music, what effects you applied to the slideshow, and which flash template you choose, etc.

What can project file (.fss) do for you?

If you want to keep your slideshow setting, and prepare for further editon on this project in the future, then you should save a project file.

However, the project file only records some information about the photos imported into Flash Gallery Maker, such as photo name, photo path, templates and transition effect and etc, rather than store and backup the original photos, therefore, we can't change the photo path and rename photos. If you did that, there would be a missing file problem.

How to save and restore a Flash Slideshow project?

To save a flash slideshow project, click the File menu, and then click Save. Or you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save the project.

To restore a flash slideshow project, click the File menu, and then click Open Flash Slide Show Project. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O to open a saved flash slideshow project.

Solution for missing file problem

The program does not save photo files and it only saves the photo file location.

If after you save the project, you change the file directory or file name of photos you used, there will be a missing files list.

You can restore this by moving the folder of images back or opening saved project with code editor, such as Notepad and then replace the directory of all photos with the correct path.

In order to avoid the unnecessary problem, please make sure that you didn't move and remove the orignal photos.