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The first consumer-priced, one-megapixel digital cameras hit the streets just over 10 years ago, and today digital cameras are everywhere—hell, one megapixel is tiny for even our cell phone cameras. As a result, we snap picture after picture without giving a thought to the price of film, which means you've got hundreds of pictures to share with friends and family. On Tuesday we asked you to tell us your favorite photo sharing web site, and today we're back with the Several most popular answers. Hit the jump for the low-down on the Several best photo sharing tools the web has to offer, then cast your vote for the site you like best.



SmugMug is a premium photo sharing web site with an emphasis on professional photography. That's not to say that the site's not also perfect for the weekend photographer, as its attractive and user-friendly interface is tempting for any level of photog. The biggest hurdle for new SmugMug users is that the site has no free account (though there is a 14-day free trial), and the minimum price for an account is $40/year. However, SmugMug users—many of whom are former Flickr die-hards (there's even an import tool called Smugglr)—seem very pleased with their choice.



Flickr was originally conceived in 2002 as a video game-screenshot sharing web site, but it quickly blossomed into a full-fledged photo sharing site with a bustling community. The now Yahoo-owned site offers free accounts with limitations placed on photo uploads and other features, while the $25/year Pro account promises unlimited uploads, storage, and sets. Flickr, like many of the others, also recently added video sharing to their repertoire.

Picasa Web Albums

picasa web album

Picasa Web Albums are the online counterpart to Google's popular, Windows- and Linux-only desktop photo organization software, Picasa. Despite its late entry to the photo sharing game in mid-2006, Picasa Web Album's seamless integration with Picasa and Google accounts quickly gained the service a large following. A free account with Picasa Web Albums gives you 1GB of free storage space, and you can buy extra storage that's shared with your Gmail account for anywhere between $20/year for 10GB to $500/year for 400GB.


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Once upon a time, Photobucket was a favorite among internet users looking to quickly host an image and share it online at sites like eBay and MySpace or on blogs and message boards. While that's still true, Photobucket has added several features to keep users coming back to the site for managing photo albums and videos.


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Go2Album is free web album host which is often used together with Ultraslideshow Flash Gallery Maker, which is an easy-to-use and powerful flash slideshow maker and creator. Through this software, the users can build their own flash slideshow and flash movie with just a few clicks. Surprisingly, the software provides plenty of flash templates, so every user is able to maker dynamic and attractive flash slideshows, even 3D flash slide show. Thus this software has become popular among flash fans and digital product enthusiasts

At present, many video sharing websites such as Youtube and Goodle Video is booming up. More and more people like to share their photos with their friends and family, even strangers. So the video and web album hosting service is in great demand. Go2Alubm is just a kind of web album hosting service, but it is closely integrated with Photo Flash Maker and Flash Gallery Maker.


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Shutterfly is the number one online photo service. Once you become a member of Shutterfly there are many services that become available. For instance uploading pictures and ordering prints that are mailed to your door or picked up at local Target locations. Pictures can be edited and printed on many different surfaces including posters, canvas, collages, coffee mugs, and even clothing. Shutterfly also offers an online digital archive that can store unlimited pictures. There is also a feature that allows groups to share photos and information on a website if they have the login and password. This would be useful to coordinate sports teams or recreational/work groups. Whatever the occasion from weddings, sporting events, or school graduations, Shutterfly will be there to document the event.


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MyPhotoAlbum Inc. is a photo and video sharing service offering the most extensive features for creating highly-unique, personalized online photo albums and photo keepsakes. By taking the online photo experience beyond ordinary uploading and printing, MyPhotoAlbum makes it easy and fun for everyone to share and store photos capturing their distinctive style and personality. Founded in 2004, MyPhotoAlbum is operated by a creative team passionate about helping people get the most out of their digital photos and memories.

free photo album host provides users with Online Photo Enhancement and Presentation Platform, and many useful online photo handling tools. you can make your own photo album online or make photo album using Photo! Web Album, a software developed by INC. Then you can share your photo album on this website instantly without any hesitation.


free photo album host

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