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Welcome to Flash Gallery Maker Online Support Center. Flash Gallery Maker is an outstanding flash slide show maker that can create SWF slideshows, make flash albums, and build flash gallery.

You can get general guides on how to use Flash Gallery Maker from the Help document built in the program. On the main window of Flash Gallery Maker, click on the menu “Help > Help”, or just simply press the F1 button on the keyboard.

Don’t know how to get license? Lost your keycode? Please look up here to find a solution.

License & Registration

1. How to register the program?

A: In Flash Gallery Maker, click the Help menu, and then click Register. Enter the user name and code of the license you received.

2. The registration code is invalid. What should I do?

A: Please check if the name and code were correctly entered into the registration dialogue box.

DO NOT capitalize or lowercase the letters contained in the user name, just keep the user name as it's provided. It's suggested that you copy and paste the name and code into the form.

If the problem remains, please contact us for a new license.

3. What if I lost the program and license key?

A: You don't have to worry about losing the program and license once you bought them. You can download Flash Gallery Maker from our website at any time. And you can restore your license by using our License Key Auto Retrieval Service. Or you can contact usto retrieve your license key.

4. What is the difference between registered version and free-trial version?

A: To enable our users better experience Flash Gallery Maker before they buy the program, we offer all users a free trial, which has no functional limits, only with watermark on every slide of the flash slideshow.

You can buy a license to register the program. The watermark will be removed after registration and you will enjoy more flash template and technique support.