Flash Slideshow Creator

Ultraslideshow is a flash slideshow creator to make animated photo slide show with SWF file as the output format. It transforms your digital photo collection to Macromedia Flash file format ( SWF ) which you can share your memorial moments with your family or friends on your own homepage, post on your Blog or upload to your own website.

With Ultraslideshow Flash Slideshow Creator, you can easily turn a folder of still images into a stunning Flash slide show presentation with background music and special transition effects. This flash slideshow creator can be used to build Flash album for website, image scrolled banner, decorate your photos on MySpace, Yahoo! 360° blog, blogger. etc.

Photo slideshow with music

Normally, flash slideshow creator is able to make photo slideshow with music. An appropriate music clip is necessary and the best complement of the photo slideshow. It is the background music that can reflect your feeling or the purpose of displaying the flash slideshow.

You need not be an experienced user or skilled in flash slideshow technology to make a photo slideshow with music. With Ultraslideshow flash slideshow creator, it is more than an easy thing. MP3, WMA, WAV songs or CD sound track can be added to the slideshow. You can also enable audio streaming if the flash is designed for website.

Unprotected music such as with the extension with .mp3, wma, wmv etc is allowed to be added to the flash slideshow creator. Protected music such as most music from iTunes store, Microsoft store etc. cannot be added to the photo slideshow.

If you want to add protected music to the flash slideshow, you need Noteburner Audio Converter to bypass the copy protection.

XML flash slideshow creator

Ultraslideshow slideshow creator is the flash slideshow software that can automatically generate the thumbnails and HTML code to display your image collections on the Web. The flash slideshow creator software will automatically resize and optimize your photos then create Web pages with thumbnails and hyperlinks to target pages or photos. Process an entire folder of images so your friends and family can see them on the Web.

Before Ultraslideshow slideshow creatorpublishes the flash slideshow project you create, you will be prompted to take care of the output settings. You can rename the SWF file and HTML document. Don't rename the XML document, just keep it as "slides.xml", changing it might cause the SWF file to "Load fail".

Pay attention to the file path if you put the SWF file and the HTML and XML documents in different file folders. You have to make proper changes to the HTML code, or the flash slideshow would "Load fail" after uploaded to Web server.

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