Creating flash slideshow with UltraSlideshow Flash Creator

With Ultraslideshow Flash Creator, you can create flash slideshow with photos and music, make gift flash slideshow CD/DVD, build dynamic flash slideshow, and share flash slideshows in MySpace, Blogger, and many social websites.

Create slideshow in flash

You can add photo and music to the flash slideshow, choose transitions and flash template, and the Ultraslideshow Flash Creator will create slideshow in flash for you. Creating slideshow in flash with common photos and music is very easy with Ultraslideshow Flash Creator. You do not need to have too much flash knowledge to handle the job of creating slideshow in flash.

Ultraslideshow Flash Creator helps you create gorgeous slideshow in flash with lots of beautifully-designed flash templates. You can publish the flash slideshows to our free photo album hosting service Go2Album to share with friends.

Make flash slideshow

Ultraslideshow Flash Creator can build flash slideshows for watching on computer or sharing via the Internet. This flash flideshow builder supports adding MP3, WMA or WAV music as background sound of the flash slideshow.

You can add JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG image formats to the flash slideshow builder. Aabundant transition effects and stylish flash templates are available for building flash slideshows more attractive and nice-looking. You can custom background color, thumbnail size and border color, and other dozens of properties in order to create the very flash slideshow exactly you want.

How to create flash slideshow

1. Download and install Ultraslideshow Flash Creatorr

2. Add photo to Ultraslideshow Flash Creator

3. Choose transition effects

4. Add hyperlinks to each photo (You can disable all hyperlinks)

5. Add music to the flash slideshow (You can choose not to use audio in the flash slideshow)

6. Choose a flash template to display the photos

7. Publish the flash slideshow (You can publish the flash sldieshow to local computer, or to our free web album Go2Album, or burn gift CD/DVD.)

8. Share the flash slideshow.

If you want to share the flash slideshow via the Internet with people, you can publish the flash slideshow to Go2Album, and then add the slideshow to target website, such as MySpace, Blogger, LiveSpace, eBay item description page, or your personal website, etc.

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