Creating Flash Banner and Flash Ad Banner with Flash Gallery Maker

You maybe have noticed that in some doorway websites(i.e.,, there are many flash advertisements and flash banner. You may think that making a flash is a difficult thing. But nowadays with Flash Gallery Maker, it becomes so easy, even no need to know any knowledge about flash. Now let’s begin our happy journey.

Step 1: Preparation for everything

Want to begin this journey. You should install Flash Gallery Maker in your local computer. After completing that action, you should possess your own photo collections that are used for making flash banner.

You can add photo and music to the flash slideshow, choose transitions and flash template, and the Flash Gallery Maker will create slideshow in flash for you. Creating slideshow in flash with common photos and music is very easy with Flash Gallery Maker. You do not need to have too much flash knowledge to handle the job of creating slideshow in flash.

Step 2: Add photos& background music

Once you launch this software, you can notice three tabs named “Photo”, “Theme” and “Publish”. Under “Photo” tab, you can click “Add” or “Add All” to input all your photos. Moreover, you are also able to add your photos through drag-and-drop method.

flash banner

Once all your photos are imported into this software, then you can carry on simple edition, such as add text/artclip, add hypertext, add transition effects, set transition duration and photo flash show duration.

flash banner

Step 3: Select proper theme for your flash banner.

In order to make flash banner more attractive and vivid, you should choose an appropriate template for your flash banner. That depends on your personal favorite. At the same time, you also can have more control over your flash banner just by clicking “Customize Properties” button under “Theme” tab. Through personal customization, you can control movie size, decoration, title properties and so on.


Step 4: Publish your flash banner

Now you can publish your flash banner as wish, you can publish them in xml+html+.swf format, this publishing way is very suitable for your flash banner. Then you can upload the generated files to embed flash banner into your personal website.