Go2Album---a free web album and photo gallery hosting

Go2Album is a free web album hosting service used for storing and displaying flash slideshow created by Flash Gallery Maker.

Go2Album is free web album host which is often used together with Ultraslideshow Flash Gallery Maker, which is an easy-to-use and powerful flash slideshow maker and creator. Through this software, the users can build their own flash slideshow and flash movie with just a few clicks. Surprisingly, the software provides plenty of flash templates, so every user is able to maker dynamic and attractive flash slideshows, even 3D flash slide show. Thus this software has become popular among flash fans and digital product enthusiasts

At present, many video sharing websites such as Youtube and Goodle Video is booming up. More and more people like to share their photos with their friends and family, even strangers. So the video and web album hosting service is in great demand. Go2Alubm is just a kind of web album hosting service, but it is closely integrated with Photo Flash Maker and Flash Gallery Maker.

Flash Gallery Maker can help you create gorgeous photo flash slideshows with music and transition effects, and lots of beautifully-designed flash templates. And at last, you should have a way to publish your flash slideshow, one way is to store flash slideshow on local computer or burn into gift CD/DVD, the other is to publish around the Internet, such as upload to Go2Album and some other social networking websits like myspace and blogger.

When you finished your flash slideshow, it is easy for you to upload your flash slideshow to Go2Album. Because when you publish the flash slideshow to GO2Album, the software, Flash Gallery Maker will pop up a wizard for uploading.

If you are also interested on posting your flash slideshow to some world-famous social networking website like myspace and facebook in order to show your flash slideshow to more Internet users, the first thing you should do is to upload to Go2Album. If you don't do that, your flash slideshow is unable to embed into those websites. Because there are no hosting servers to store your flash slide. After you complete uploading to Go2Album, you will be led to the slideshow page automatically. In the opened page, copy the the embed code of the slideshow.

Flash Gallery Maker can create slideshow to be added to the following websites/blogs

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